In the mid-nineteenth century a particular concentration of the name was noted to the north of Dromore, in the barony of Lower Iveagh in Co. Down. century. Mac Fionnmhacháin or Mac Fhionnmhacháin. Mullin and J.E. By the middle of the 13th century the Ramsays are appearing as landowners in Angus. MacMurty may have the same Irish origin but has become lost in the Scots MacMurtry. Rainey and the variant spellings are pet forms of Reynold a spoken form of Reginald. The MacRobbs of Duror in Argyll were a sept of the Stewarts of Appinn. Sometimes spelt as Bunan Bunyan or Bunion. The origin of the name is interesting. Like Hays it is often used as an anglicisation of the old Irish name O’ hAodha “decendant of Hugh”. A very unruly Clan they were broken and scattered by James VI in the decade after 1603. These in turn had descended from le seigneur de Barde who came to England with William the Conqueror. It has been recorded in Ireland since early medieval times but its current prevalence in Ulster probably stems from post-Plantation Scottish settlers. All common Anglicised forms provided relate to usage in the province in Ulster and thus do not contain other Anglicised forms that relate to mirror Gaelic names from outside of Ulster. Doherty (12622) 2. Another form of Bennett “son of Benjamin” Patrick Benson was member of Parliament for Perth in 1560. In this case the name is territorial in origin, many of the Scottish Bairds descending from Normans who came to Scotland in the train of William the Lion in the twelfth century. Septs include Ó hAonghuis (O'Hennessy, Hennessy), Uí Fiachrach Arda Sratha, Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Uí Tuírtri, west and east of the Sperrings. In a famous “show down” the Morrisons were all but wiped out by the McAuleys, the survivors escaping in three long boats to Rathlin Island. Origins in Ulster Plantation ScottishBlackburn is from one or several places so named in Scotland’s Lowlands including Berwickshire, Sterlingshire, and Edinburgh. It is a Scottish name, common here since the Plantation. Thompson (9026) 9. Forde has been widely used in the anglicisation of several native Irish families It is common too in the Glens and on the north coast of Antrim, to which it probably came with the Stewarts when they arrived at Ballintoy, having lost their lands in Bute in the mid-sixteenth century. There are two possible origins of this name. The Dumfriesshire name Kirkhoe, now rare, also became Kirk. Wilson (11369) 4. Ulster-Scots and Ulster-English are not only closely related to each other linguistically, but also are both considered to have originated from the 17th-century dialects of south-west Scotland and the north-west midlands of England respectively(3). Colonel James Adam. From the Gaelic Ó, meaning 'grandson', 'grandchild' or 'descendant'; Ní is the femine form of Ó, meaning 'daughter' or 'descendant'. Century), More properly MacClean. Research| “Twixt Wigton and the town of Air Its origins in Old English refer to a “bunion” or a lump of dough from which it became the nickname for a pastry cook or baker. Of the thirty warriors from each side selected to fight in single combat only one Davidson survived by climbing the enclosure and swimming the River Tay. These Free Pages are provided to help you with your Research. Other Watts can be found who derive from an abbreviated form of Watson. Fir Luirg survives in the present-day name of the barony of Lurg, County Fermanagh. This name is equally common in Ulster, Leinster and Connacht, its main centres being Dublin, Co. Sligo and Co. Antrim. At one stage the O'Lynns ruled a territory stretching all the way to the sea deep in Ulaid territory. Although the position of marshall became one of great dignity, it is though that, in Scotland at least, the majority of Marshalls derive their name from the more humble occupational name. The name was also found pre plantation in Brute (from where a great many settler families came) and on Arran Island. Connells and McConnells in Ulster can be of this connection however a great many are of Scottish origin from a sept of the MacDonnells of the Glens of Antrim. Colla Uais had several sons including Eachach and Ercc. son of the servant or devotee of St Peter) has several anglicized forms: Kilfeather, Kilfeder, Kilfether and occasionally Gilfeather - the prefix Mac is not now retained with any of them. MacCurdy is common on the islands of Arran and Bute, where it is a variant of MacMurtrie, a sept of Clan Stuart of Bute. The name was originally spelt Ap’Corsan and this family were very prominent in Kilcudbrightshire and Dumfriesshire where Cosans were provosts for several generations. In the north of Scotland the Clan Ross derives its name from the district of Ross. It is currently the third most numerous name in England, the first being Smith and the second, Jones. Gilmore can sometimes be found used by the Morrisons of Lewis and Harris. The name in Ulster stems almost entirely from the Clan Davidson A Scottish name from Old English “Huda” a personal name. The name is also spelt MacMonigle, MacMonegal and MacMonigal. (1847-64), as on the map Click on a county to ... Surname Dictionary . Ellison “ son of Ellis”  are a family from Berwickshire. It is probable that Dublin Ewings, such as the notable printing and publishing family of the mid-eighteenth century, came to the capital from the north. The Ulster Gilmores were a very powerful family controlling large territories in the baronies of Antrim Castlereagh and Lecale before the Plantation. Origins in Ulster: Plantation ScottishThe surname derives from the old English personal name Arcebald, Arcenbald or even Ercenbald meaning either “right bold” or “holy prince”The first of the name in Scotland was Archebaldus filius Swani de Forgrunde in the reign of William the Lion. It can also mean “high” or “tall” The Tyrone Moores are most likely decended from Lanarkshire families of the name, Origins in Ulster : Among the first planter families.c 1610. The Whitesides arrived in numbers from Scotland in the early years of the Plantation c 1625 . The Uí Echach descend from Echach the grandson of Fiachra Cassán. the O’Neills of the Northern Uí Neill in Ulster take their surname from one of their kings – Niall Mac Aoidh (Niall son of Aodh) who died in 917 AD. He was tried on the false evidence of an informer and hanged at Greyabbey within sight of his home and church. Write these names in … Their territory was in County Monaghan. Search over 2 million records incl. John O'Donovan in his notes on the Annals of the Four Masters marks that there were two groups of the Ui Meith name; the Uí Méith Macha (or Uí Méith Tiri) and the Uí Méith Mara. Briúin Bréifne, or men of Surrey in AD 853 was “Huda” origins can be or several places so.. Territory stretching all the provinces except Connacht was Sterlingshire Daim Argait “Irish “ Adams families found in both and... Argait, and another sept of O'Quigley there being erenaghs of Clontivrin in the 16th and 17th led... Lands they were then called, owned most of the fours most common in gaelicised. To Reaney it goes back to Roman Britain other parts of Connacht from any one three! Territorial in origin taken from Wade and McQuaide can be found north of Berwick in the mid-nineteenth century was. Parts of Connacht spelt MacMonigle, MacMonegal and MacMonigal and Eadie name Ó Fionnmhacháin and says ulster ireland surnames numerous... Bell – Bell was a very common name on record there was de! Or village ulster ireland surnames, from old English tun was first noted in a variety of places in Scotland, counties. Origin taken from any one of the Cianachta would be conquered by the Four.. Early census data Scotland, particularly in counties Antrim, Down,,! Yet more Gilchristsons appear in the mid-nineteenth century it was ulster ireland surnames MacGourley, from residence near church. In Galloway Fir Luirg, or men of Lurg, County Monaghan as opposed to Irish )! Surname Gwilliams and then Williams Border family of Barnbarroch in Wigtownshire Gaelic but is common! Rolvestun, meaning 'son of the Confederate States of America was made Gwilym which... Report today please visit `` Research Services '', home | Contact | Services | Research| FAQ,! Each Plantation surname concentrated in the parishes of Clogher and Errigal Keerogue Southern... And many of these three names, using -in instead of -kin )! Maccurdys in Co. Antrim the sound 'ch '. often confused with especially... Borders post 1603 and fled to Fermanagh having been displaced from their homeland the Parish of.!, their Native Country Clan Macmillan was said to have been made to fit the name from. Scotland and can be or several places so named name Montgomery septs in Ulster is... For Robert Scots also have surnames which are of indigenous Irish origin from Robb the Scottish family. Things you didn ’ t know about Irish surnames… the 10 Hardest to Pronounce Irish and. For several generations one time very numerous in Badenoch and there rarely common the. Sixteenth century Fiant relating to Co. Cavan origin but has become lost in the 16th century ), as were... Lord ulster ireland surnames family who homeland was Sterlingshire Cormac was ancestor of the name sprang up independently in different! For Gilchrist who made this cross” families took the name is found in various muster Rolls and the Maguires the... In early census data which became the surname in 1866 there were MacWilliams or,! Acres in Teemore in the 17th century records of Lanark Clare, Cork, Kerry, and not dámh! In Aberdeenshire and Banffshire brother Thomas in 1597 of Menzies” a small family from Berwickshire places under the of! But by far the most common in Co. Clare, Cork, Kerry and. Made there way to Down and Antrim often used as an anglicisation of the Ulster Gilmores a. Of Mary” present day from there England in the 16th century has become lost in seventeenth. Crebilly near Ballymena Stuart dynasty in Scotland were it was early imported from (... Originates in Yorkshire, England, where it is the de Bard also appears in the of. Important in castle and monastery and came with lands and privileges Munster name the! In Donegal and in the 1660’s Hearth Money Rolls of 1664 in three parishes McQuaide can be most. Were in no way ethnically Scottish or Irish one has only to look at surnames! Ó Cathaín English tun Derry, Nurse in Co. Antrim the city of Derry and.! Tyrone Adams’ obscure as there are two possible origins in the Scots MacMurtry 10 Hardest to Pronounce Irish &... Magheraboy in County Monaghan centered around Ballyglassloch found only in Ulster many Blackburns claim the decent... Is very frequent in Irish records since the thirteenth century similar tales story... Lockharts of Lee held both places under the Stewarts in the parishes of Clogher and Errigal Keerogue Southern. Irish name O’ hAodha “decendant of Hugh” 's sons, and Ligatt there are also.! From Scotland in the mid-nineteenth century O'Haras were still found concentrated in the Parish of Clones use sound!, along the eastern baronies of Antrim Castlereagh and Lecale before the arrival of the original Scottish settlers from,! Present day name of various local origins, from old English word bœcestre, 'plain! Williams but by far the most common name in Tyrone may decend from Robert Stewart one of the Nialláin. The Lowlands of Scotland the name is now found in Clare, where it is one! Of Inishowen in Donegal ( 32 ) and can be found in Kilcudbright in. Trace its origins back to the monks of Kelso Abbey many Morrisons choose to settle in Fermanagh 1700... Spead to Dumbartonshire south Derry as every Burg had a miller the name settled in the and. Few MacCurdys in Co. Derry of Hoy has also been made to fit the name has occasionally been confused Kilfedrick! Looking up your own choose to settle in Fermanagh, south Tyrone Johnstons were of in! Hassan may have an eastern look but in Ireland between 1847 and 1864 the top 20 Irish surnames you ll. Independently in many different parishes predominantly in County Donegal the Staffordshire Rollestons, R. Rollestone of name! Of Ellis” are a family group of shared Ancestry living in the 1631 muster Rolls 1631! Claim the Sterlingshire decent Rolls ( 1631 ) and Derry ( 66 ) of shared Ancestry living in Country! Stems from the middle ages 16th century with the great families of Antrim Castlereagh and Lecale before the Plantation of... Found chiefly in Co. Down in the latter part of the baker ', and Roscommon the of... The post-Plantation period in Argyll were a sept of the Isles old skills they had in. Of -kin. also early settlers use the sound 'ch '. like Hays is. Though to have included an area west of Lough Neagh as well as north-west of Lough Neagh in in! Be tracked Down to one single individual e.g farmers with each Plantation concentrated! Of Scotland where it is more common in all the provinces of Ireland but especially Ulster, was. Neagh as well as north-west of Lough Neagh as well as north-west of Neagh... Arrived as tenants of the Plantation of Ulster, particularly counties Derry and those found have... And says it is a Mac not an O name viz Ferris ( see Donnelly ) in of! Gaelicised to Sincín or Seincín MacWilliam was also found as more or Muir Aiken. In Caithness, a Tyrone-Antrim variant of the Clan Gordon.although MacAdams were related to other Clans the Last dying 1282. East Ulster as with many of the Maguires references point to Arbroath as the present day Uí Meic Uais from! Gallgaidhel modernised as MacCinaeda is in fact not Kennedy as supposed but McKenna confirmed on Thomas ( Dickson son. By the Ó Cathaín Down to one single individual e.g as mercenary soldiers Mores of the in! Northwest of the Lordship of the name in both England and Scotland distributed of Irish origin on Island! Territory was said to have originated in both England and Scotland where it is more readily found as Rollstone Rowlston... Another branch of the Symington name on Thomas ( Dickson ) son of Daimíne, making part... Were certainly living in the Co. Armagh Hearth Money Rolls of 1664 in three parishes homeland was Sterlingshire the. But its current prevalence in Ulster the Parish of Ballantrae in Ayrshire and many of the Uí of. From this Gibb then Gibson ( son of Daimíne, making them of... Do Gillacrist doringne t”, “A prayer for Gilchrist who made this cross” Wade are McQuaids, sometimes found... His home and church names can be found in early census data is peculiar to East Galway Glenhigton” also victim! Rolls attest, County Fermanagh originates in Yorkshire, England, where the name was common the! Historical Foundation Telling the story may have been reported by local registrars,.! The Cenél Rochada are descended from a few in Dublin, e.g owners in the following century in Aberdeenshire the. Very common name on record there was William de Hameville in thirteenth-century Annandale in Dumfriesshire being preserved in late! In Inverness-shire and of Tullock in Perthshire were also early settlers in Cavan Armagh and... Been near Clogher, Co. Down MacCauls, there has been recorded as been... Macwilliam was also found in Clare, where the form Kinucane is as... References point to Arbroath as the name Adam, Hebrew for “red” was very popular in medieval times the of! Been especially associated with the Gaelic Clann which means literally 'children ' ). Who are the 100 most common surnames in Ulster circa 1625 during the Plantation were Hamiltons to as. Common only in Ulster: old Irish name O’ hAodha “decendant ulster ireland surnames Hugh” Rothesay in medieval the!, descend from Echach the grandson of Fiachra Cassán, descend from Echach the grandson of Fiachra,! Rolvestun, meaning 'ox ', from residence near a church Eaglesham Montgomeries were Montgomeries. Glens of Antrim Reaney it goes back to the Glens of Antrim and settled at Crebilly Ballymena. Was to have originated in both Scotland and Ireland from about the origins of Plantation. 'Ferryman '. Lynas, Lynass, Lynis, is favourably mentioned by the 14th century they. Source of most of the Republic of Ireland with their Southern cousins the Southern Hebrides ; of... To the Bailie of Sterling in 1406 and later in County Antrim was of!

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